#Wellness Resources

Below is a list of all the resources I have either used or tried along my journey. I can’t say what will work for you but what I can say is by trying you may find what suits. It took me a few years of trail and error to get to a place that was relatively calm. Any more you know of then add them to the comments and I will add them to the list :).


A wonderful selection of free guided meditations to cater for your all your needs.

Mindfulness – Finding peace in a frantic world.
A wonderful and practical guide to adopting a mindfulness practice. This book and these meditations have helped me through some difficult times.

A collection of Buddhist meditations and scriptures to help with calming the mind and finding peace.

Headspace App
A paid for meditation app that comes highly recommended.

Insight Timer App
Another meditation app. This one is free and has everything you need to find some peace.


Kundalini Yoga
This DVD is where it all started for me. I was obese when I first got this. The practice got me moving, put me on the path to meditation and ultimately changed my life.

Honor Band 5 fitness tracker
A reasonably priced fitness tracker with everything to get you moving.

Alcoholism Recovery

Not everyone’s cup of tea but a valuable tool and place to meet other addicts to form the valuable connections needed to ensure sobriety.

This Naked Mind
A great book that offers an alternate view of alcohol to the one we are offered by the advertising companies.

AA Freethinkers
Many people struggle with the God aspect of twelve step programs. Thanks to Zoom it has never been easier to drop into a freethinkers, atheist & agnostic meeting.

Smart recovery is an alternative to the twelve step program.

Jeffrey Munn – Staying sober without God
Staying sober without God is being used to build a secular recovery program. Comes highly recommended for people who struggle with the religious aspect of twelve step recovery.

The God Word
A pamphlet put together by a secular group of AA to help people understand the concept of a “higher Power.”


Marcus Aurelious Meditations
Finding good people in life can be difficult. The meditations is a guide to not find one, but become one.

Buddhism Plain and simple
What it says on the tin. A no nonsense guide to Buddhism, awareness and being present.

Erich Fromm – To have or to be
I could recommend many of Fromms books but to have or to be is the cumulation of his ideas.

Philosophy for Life: And Other Dangerous Situations
A interesting take on ancient philosophy and how it still has a practical use in the modern day.


Alain De Botton – A guide to Happiness
Another modern day take on ancient philosophy and its use in modern society. The series covers Anger, Love, Happiness, Self-Esteem, Confidence and Hardship.

Johann HariEverything you think you know about addiction is wrong.
A compelling argument that chemical dependence isn’t the only reason for addiction.

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