Are you looking for inspiration…

Are you looking for some inspiration? Are you trying to find a slither of light amongst the darkness? Well my friend Kaz who writes the wonderful blog Home | A Brindian in London (, asked me to share my story with him. I talk about my journey through mental health and reaching out for help, whilst fighting my pride in the process. My eventual addiction to alcohol and the journey of sobriety. And finally, how I turned it around and fulfilled my life long dream of travelling the world.

There is hope. There is another way. The future doesn’t have to be a repeat of the past.

So have a watch or a listen and maybe you might hear the message you have been looking for.


Don’t forget to share. Especially, if you think someone would benefit from the message.

Also, the resources I used to help make the changes are available here. Also, the story of my journey is available here

Thanks for stopping by,

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