Awakening – A Poem

Peering through the fabric of reality
Beyond normality disguising mass insanity
Like stepping off a treadmill that is in the dark
And wandering through a beautiful sun-drenched park

Therein lies the true-life mission
Through the mind and into the intuition
The constant negative affirmations with which we are bombarded
Leaves the ego off centre, anxious and always guarded

To transcend the ego is the only escape
And then the old ideals will dissipate
A new age can be dawned
From which a new society can be born

With love, compassion and gratitude
Not self-entitled, hedonistic childlike attitudes
Liberation from anxiety and depression
Removal of manipulative covert oppression

The worrying will finally cease
And amazingly the mind will be at peace
And as the consciousness begins to shift
The pressure of life begins to ease and lift

Consumerism offers an external solution to an internal problem
Liberation from the ego allows a relationship with the true self to blossom.
Enables the courage for you to be you
The realisation of your true value

The dark parts of our lives are treated like a wounded soul
And fixing that darkness is the ultimate goal
But the darkness is part of the human psyche
And the acceptance of our whole self is key

Because when we view the darkness as another part of us
We are complete and can embrace ourselves and one another with love
We accept that all humans are imperfect and we are not broken
We then peer through the veil of reality for we have awoken.

Charlie J Lofus

Picture by TanteTati (

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