A Break Up Poem… To Alcohol.

A few years ago a therapist told me that I was in love with drinking. So I did the only sensible thing and wrote alcohol a breakup poem.


Walking into the pub a free man and leaving on a leash
Shackled by the allure of alcohols sweet release
At first it seemed loving and it seemed fun
In the end it’s like returning to a spouse who greets with a punch

Even an abusive relationship has it’s enjoyable times
But you love them so much that you deny their crimes
See I loved alcohol like a wife
It celebrated with me, commiserated with me and was always there to listen throughout my life

But the past is the past
Yes we had a blast
But my addiction has run its course
Sorry Alcohol!
It’s time for a divorce!

I’m moving on and cutting ties
I’m strong enough to live without you at my side
I no longer need you as a crutch to lean
I’m stronger than I’ve ever been

I will always love you for what you helped me be
The parties, fun, festivals and camaraderie
But I now walk into another chapter of my life
I’ve turned the page!
Because even though I love you, alcohol
I can no longer tolerate your torturous cage

Thanks for reading,


Image by KERBSTONE from Pixabay

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